New artist Taouil with his rock single 'Crossing the line'

Taouil Music

(pronounced - Ta wheel)

Ready to rock with me?

My name is Deric Taouil and I'm a new! New York based artist who is set out to re-defining energy rock, starting with my new single 'Crossing the Line'.

Crossing the line is about stepping out of your comfort zone and getting the F out there to do what you want to! Let's cross that line together.

Rocking with talent, the band has amazing energy and ideas which are unique and yet familiar.
Come check it out!

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With his new 2020 Fall
Hit single

"Crossing the Lines"


Don't you want to leave the ground
i've been always bolted to this town

Played by all your rules
Gonna play my game

my way
your shaking, I'm walking out that door


I'm crossing all the lines
Hoping to redefine myself
I'll be honest
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