New artist Taouil with his rock single 'Bleed'

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(pronounced - Ta wheel)

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My name is Deric Taouil and I'm a new! New York based artist who is set out to re-defining energy rock, starting with my new single 'Bleed'.

Bleed is a song about the struggle of lost love and how we reconcile to bring about a new day. Driving and musically in depth, the guitars and drums make you want to punch the high floor.

Rocking with talent, the band has amazing energy and ideas which are unique and yet familiar.
Come check it out!

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With his new 2020 Fall
Hit single



i can't sleep
lights are flashing in my head

i can't breath
memories are breaths away

there no shame
i only want to be alone


treading on a thread
love bleeds in red
i don't blame the day
for the things that come my way
i don't play the games
i don't wish the ways
you want my needs.. they're on the way

close your eyes
bend the space in your mind

don't believe
love destroyer kills your high

there's no fame
i only want to be alone

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